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Introduction of Our Group Companies and Partners

We, Tatsuki Group, are contributing to society and local communities through swimming.
We also strive to foster globally-active human resources in a wide range of fields, including aquatic disaster training and swimming education promotion in Japan and all over the world.

Okazaki Tatsuki SwimmingClub Co., Ltd
Group companies

Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming

Club Co., Ltd

Tatsuki Swimming USA

  • Spreading our swimming curriculum

    Operating Tatsuki Swimming School USA in Dallas Texas. We promote our original swimming instruction guidelines domestically and globally.


  • Swimming instruction for people with disabilities

    We believe in equal opportunities - we strive to promote swimming to everyone regardless of whatever handicap they may have. Through our efforts, we now have swimmers who aims to participate in the Paralympics someday.


  • Training to save lives - Clothed swimming curriculum.

    There still lacks acknowledgement for the importance of aquatic disaster training. We work to strengthen the needed guidance and promotion of our clothed swimming curriculum.


Aquatic disaster training
Group companies

Aquatic disaster training

development and clothed swimming

instructor training program

Power Stroke General Incorporated Association

  • Clothed Swimming Instructor Training Program

    The aquatic disaster training of Power Stroke is catered to different swimming levels.
    Clothed swimming programs offered by other institutions tend to be designed for people who can already swim, but not for non-swimmers, who are more likely to panic in the event of a water-related accident and are the main demographic of deaths in such crises, these programs are unfit.
    At Powerstroke, we provide multiple licenses for instructors, creating an environment where the trainers themselves can receive programs that are appropriate for different levels of swimming ability.


  • On-Land Aquatic Disaster Training

    Aquatic disaster programs should not be limited to in-water trainings. We have created a program that enables aquatic disaster trainings to be done in a classroom setting so that the learning would not require a pool.
    This is a program to develop human resources who can teach our on-land aquatic disaster program

  • Spreading Aquatic Disaster Training

    The frequency of water-related disaster has increased in the recent years due to global warming. We never know when a water-related disaster will strike our neighborhoods.
    While earthquake and fire drills are conducted regularly, we are concerned that "aquatic disaster training" is not routinely conducted in the island nation of Japan.
    We know that what may seem like a small detail can save or fail someone's life in desparate situations.
    By sharing our program, we hope to save as many people as possible.

  • In-house training

    In-house training

  • Aquatic Disaster Training Development in Zimbabwe

    Aquatic Disaster Training Development in Zimbabwe

  • Training completion certificates(Zimbabwe)

    Training completion certificates(Zimbabwe)

  • ・On-Land Aquatic Disaster Training (Development of VR courses / Classroom lectures)

    It is possible to learn the necessary skills even in an environment without a swimming pool.

  • ・Suikunman

    A hero who spreads aquatic disaster training to the world.

  • ・Spreading aquatic disaster training and clothed swimming to overseas.

    We provide appropriate instruction according to the status of swimming and the water-related disaster situation in each country, such as Zimbabwe, India, and Singapore.  

【On-Land Aquatic Disaster Training】by Suikunman at loal kindergartens

Swimming instruction
Partner companies

Swimming instruction

curriculum development project

Tatsuki Southeast Asia

  • Tatsuki Method Curriculum

    The main purpose of Tatsuki Southeast Asia is to provide and convey the swimming curriculum developed over many years at the Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming Club to other countries as our intellectual property.
    Japan is a country that places great importance on swimming education, where children generally learn swimming from an early age and are taught at school.
    Tatsuki's swimming program includes a curriculum designed to foster children who cannot swim to become excellent swimmers.
    We grasp the status of swimming education levels in each country and create appropriate programs to suit each country's culture.

    Ace Dolphin https://www.acedolphin.com/

  • Tatsuki Method Curriculum
  • Tatsuki Method Curriculum2
  • Tatsuki Method Curriculum3
  • ・Curriculum development with Ace Dolphin

    Swimming education is thriving in Singapore, where various swimming programs are available.
    In addition to the swimming curriculum provided by Active SG (Swimsafer program), we strengthen the learn-to-swim stage with our original introductory program, and we have added a clothed swimming program for each course.
    We strive to improve swimming education in Singapore with our original curriculum that no other school offers.