Corporate Information

Tatsuki Group contributes to our communities through swimming.

Tatsuki Group is aims to give back the society and local communities through swimming through our three businesses as the pillars; swimming school operation, aquatic disaster training curriculum and professional development, and swimming instruction curriculum development.

Contribution to the society and local communities Development of globally-active human resources
  • Company name
    Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming Club Co., Ltd
  • Address

    19-14 Minamimachi, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture 444-0915

  • Phone number
  • Representative
    Representative director Kumi Omori
  • Established
    November 22, 1973
  • Capital
    10 million yen
  • Business contents
    Swimming school operation
    Aquatic disaster training development and clothed swimming instructor training program
    Swimming instruction curriculum development project


We are contributing to the society and local communities through swimming.

Representative director Kumi Omori

Inheriting the "passion for swimming" from our Founder, Kuniomi Omori, Tatsuki Group is moving on to a new stage.
We support all people to expand their potential and help people lead healthy lives through swimming.
We will spread the techniques that enables people to protect their precious lives by themselves, ultimately preventing water-related accidents as a whole.
By spreading the Tatsuki Method to countries where swimming education is less prevalent, we aim to share the fun of swimming and convey the joy of achieving goals.
What all of these efforts have in common is that they are made to protect the happiness and wellbeing of children.
We believe that in any era, it is possible for people to connect with each other by helping one another.
The joy of each person's Victory will spread to the people around, creating a chain reaction that will bring smiles to their faces.
We would like to create a world full of happiness where people are connected by their Victories through water.
We, Tatsuki Group, will continue to push forward to "Win with Water".