WIN WITH WATER / Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming Club Co., Ltd

Connecting the "V"s
Spreading the "W"s

Two V's Make a W!

V stands for Victory. Our victories are tirumphs, successes, achievements, and joys.
W stands for Winning. By connecting the V's, we create new wins and raptures.
Just as two V's make a W, we create a new W by communicating, connecting, and sharing the V's that each individual has achieved.

Through swimming, we hope to convey the joy of achieving goals, importance of health, and the preciousness of life, and we aim to create a ripple effect around the world by passing on the techniques we have built up since our founding.

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Our Group Companies and Partners

We, Tatsuki Group, are contributing to society and the local communities through swimming.
We also strive to foster globally-active human resources in a wide range of fields, including aquatic disaster training and swimming education promotion not only in Japan but also overseas.

  • Swimming School Operation Swimming School Operation/smartphone
    Group companies

    Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming Club Co., Ltd
    Tatsuki Swimming USA

    Swimming School Operation

    Focusing on swimming instruction for people of all ages, we contribute to the sound development of children and the promotion of health in the local community. We are also striving to strengthen swimming instruction for people with handicaps and promote aquatic disaster training.

  • Aquatic disaster training development and clothed swimming instructor training program Aquatic disaster training development and clothed swimming instructor training program/smartphone
    Group companies

    Power Stroke General Incorporated Association

    Aquatic disaster training development and clothed swimming instructor training program

    We are vigorously engaged in activities that transcend national and international boundaries, including clothed swimming instructor training and aquatic disaster training development.
    Our "On-Land Aquatic Disaster Training" provide an environment that does not limit location or learners from learning vital information. One of such examples are our original virtual reality course, where the leaner can practice disaster training from the comfort of their home.

  • Swimming instruction curriculum development project Swimming instruction curriculum development project/smartphone
    Partner companies

    Tatsuki Southeast Asia

    Swimming instruction curriculum development project

    Okazaki Tatsuki Swimming Club is working to spread our original swimming instruction curriculum, the "Tatsuki Method", throughout Southeast Asia from our Sinapore headquarters.
    As the first company engaging in teaching the Japanese swimming curriculum, we provide support for the development of competitive swimmers in all of Southeast Asia.

Our Founder's Principles Our Founder's Principles/smartphone

Our Founder's Principles

The founder, Kuniomi Omori, started a class for people with disabilities after teaching swimming to a boy who was blind. Since this humble beginning, he has been passionate about conveying the appeal of swimming, the importance of life and how to protect it. Inheriting his passion, we will continue with our efforts to engage in various activities in the future.


Corporate Information Corporate Information/smartphone

Corporate Information

From Okazaki to the world. Our mission is to contribute to the international community through swimming.

19-14 Minamimachi, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture


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